Wednesday, 14 January 2009

2008: Year of the Bat. part 1

I usually like to start the year in such a clichéd fashion as to look back over the previous year that has just passed, and as usual I’m running late.

But to be honest I think I covered a lot of ground in my previous blog that recapped all my tracks I’ve got available to download right now, so this may be a brief overview of what has come and gone and which, by all accounts has been a bloody good year for me.

I managed to have my most productive year to date. Producing remixes of The Enemy, Radiohead, Marvin, The Freewheelin’ Troubadour and Akira the Don (twice) and also finally finishing the remix of Komakino that I started way back in sumfin silly like summer ’07.

In terms of my original tracks, I completed ‘teen-aging’ to a demo standard that I am happy with, finished another new track, made a start on another one and also found the time to record my very own ‘christmas single’.

Perhaps the project I’m most excited about is the new Sound/Art experiment I have started with my little brother, the first of which is available to download til the end of January and which I still intend to dedicate a whole blog entry to.

Been a good year in terms of exposure too, considering I have previously had none. In a rather short space of time I’d had my remix of The Enemy featured on Keep Hope Inside, played by Eddy TM on Xfm and also played on radio in New Zealand. The Joint in NZ were also good enough to play out another one of my older tracks too and Saam at Keep Hope Inside blogged about my Radiohead remix which probably sent my music around the world afew more times, cos everyone loves new Radiohead material, and the track was even picked up and spread around by a handful of other blogs.

Also giving me a little extra push last year were Marvin and Akira The Don. Marvin also found a lil space for my Enemy remix on his own blog and then gave me the chance to remix his latest single and Akira featured one of the two remixes I produced of his tracks on his latest mixtape.

So, huge thanks to Saam, Eddy TM, the folks at The Joint, Marvin and Akira The Don, and anyone else who has given my music a chance this past year

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