Wednesday, 16 February 2011

can you hear the tumbleweed??

not even my girlfriend could believe that i hadn't posted anything at all in february so far

and that i had not posted anything at all since january 28th

i'm not particularly proud of how quiet things have been around here, but good quality posts of the highest calibre that you have come to expect from Hunchbakk - music and musings take time, and i simply have not had enough time to pass off my random thoughts and observations in the form of witty blog posts

i fully intend to commit myself to a bit of writing tomorrow

but for now, to fill a gap, i thought i should post something that encapsulates so many of the things i love (and 1 thing i hate)

yep, COMICS! MOVIES! and A MASH-UP! all in one video, ch-ch-check it out

b-b-b-but what is that? at the end?

in 3D??!!!

i HATE 3D!!! seriously! can't you guys just get over it now...

(grumble grumble)

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