Monday, 9 May 2011

kurt cobain on steroids

as a fan of DC, i will admit that Thor was wonderfully entertaining, next up as Marvel Studios build up to Avengers is their Captain America movie later this summer, aswell as a look at the X-men's origins in X-men, First Class

as a fan of DC, i can't say that i am pinning too much of my hopes on Green Lantern as he faces up to this threat from Marvel alone (well, actually he'll be backed up by a bunch of CGI aliens, which may actually be part of the problem)

but as ever, we have the wonderful return of the 'I'm a Marvel, I'm a DC' videos that really seem to get under the skin of the entire situation


  1. HULK BELIEVE IN YOU. I love those Marvel vs DC videos, even though I probably miss lots of references due to the casual nature of my comic book consumption.

    If they don't sort out how diabolically awful the CGI Green Lantern mask looks at the moment then I'm going to be even more annoyed!

  2. they've been quite entertaining, and for the most past usually take the movies as their cue.

    everyone seems to have an issue with that mask, but i don't find it as horrifically shocking as the full body shot of Green Lantern's suit that had toes instead of a clean cut pair of superhero boots :-/