Sunday, 7 August 2011

Enfield and I

I am fiercely proud of my home town,
Enfield is part of who I am,
I am a part of Enfield,
And an attack on Enfield,
Is an attack on me.

As the tension mounts,
And ill feeling hangs heavy in the air,
I can't shake the involuntary feeling of excitement,
Mixing with sickness.

Tonight we make history together,
As I pray that everything historic,
Everything beautiful,
Everything and everyone I love,
Doesn't burn down to the ground.

It is all eyes on us tonight,
As we bunker down in our homes,
And make it a night to remember,
With our updates and our outrage,
Trending, reporting and cowering,
As the same four clips of footage,
Repeat over and over on Sky News.

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