Friday, 14 December 2012

ice, ice, baby...

well this is it, my very first foreign blog post.

I'll keep this brief, since a holiday is more about experiencing it and enjoying it than it is about informing everybody about just how much you are experiencing and enjoying yourself.

(although you can follow a few select observations on my twitterfeed and Instagram profile)

Reykjavik is a beautiful place, an inspiring place, a place where my apartment has both views of the mountains and of the sea, a place where almost every shop is creatively thrown together in a wonderfully warm and rustic way, and if I spent more time in my apartment than I did out, then I may have found some time to create a little icelandic inspired soundscape.

even if I don't create anything while I am here, I have taken advantage of one of the many wifi hotspots and captured a field recording while sat in a cosy coffee shop while sipping a swiss mocha, that I intend to incorporate into something sometime.

so instead of tuning into Facebook and caring what other people are up to far away from where I am, and instead of keep tap tapping away at my apple gizmo I may pour another blackcurrant vodka and fire up garage band, or I may just go practise my pool skills on the free table down the hall....

(photo courtesy of my girlfriend's facebook)

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