Saturday, 2 August 2014

fill your garden for free

Much the same as Kirsty (Alsopp, I remembered, or at least researched her name in a moment of sobriety) encouraged us all to fill our houses for free, so I thought I would extend this idea to the garden

I love my garden, but it is questionable how much my garden loves me back.

I have spent a number of summery days trying to make good the decking, I have used the jetwash, I have swept it, and I have re-stained it with the marvellous disappearing Cuprinol...

But far beyond the decking, far beyond the grassy mid-patch and the sometimes flowering borders is another matter altogether...

In the space occupied by the shed is a concreted wasteland, I used to take my spray paints to this section of the garden but now I barely recognise it, beyond the shed, beyond the usual attention shown and the sight of our eyes is a place over run by ivy, a place where 'out of sight, out of mind' has rung true for too long...

But wait for me, for this shall be my sanctuary.

I'll (eventually) defeat the bamboo that was once so useful but now travels to parts of the garden (and beyond, on to next door's garden!) and eventually tame the forever growing wild ivy that wants to infiltrate the shed, even tho it is unwelcome 

And then, and only then (or sooner, if I get impatient) shall that end of the garden be my sanctuary..

But I refuse to pay a fortune for the privilege, since turning my attentions to the garden, wanting to fit a higher trellis above the back fence as a deterrent to would be thieves and football fetchers, and create a secretive yet secure space, I have been on the look out for the resources to help complete my project

So far I have seen a bin and a couple of buckets chucked out, a rather dashing orange tub and an old pre-loved planter, these will fill the (in progress) space perfectly, I also found three recycled glass plant pots/vases thrown into the bin at work that I couldn't bear to see go to waste, so now they live on my kitchen windowsill, and I also intend to take a number of cuttings, all with the greatest intention of filling a fully functional leafy hideaway for as little as possible.

tomorrow I intend to get up early and thwart the bamboo and chase back the advancing ivy, but be trustful that my garden may not be minimal in a stylistic sense, but shall certainly be minimal on my pocket.

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