Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy. New.

I find my tiny slithers of passion tend to frolic in snatched hidden moments.

And so this is the genesis for my first new music in some time.

The intention is almost always present, but the opportunity is often a little more elusive.

Something new for the new year, I thought.

And then I thought 'when?'.

A few moments messing around in an ipad app and I had created a rudimentary beat impulsively, in between downtime spent reading graphic novels and half watching 80s movies on the TV.

It wasn't perfect, but within minutes my idea had a fair chance of existing, heck, it actually did exist in some form, when ten minutes previously it had wallowed in the washing up bowl of my mind.

An empty house later, a lasagne composed of leftovers in the oven and the king of procrastination was purveying the world from his favourite thinking throne when the words began to flow...

Spoken aloud, uploaded, downloaded, hacked up, chewed up, spat out.  Happy New Year. 

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