Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I am an Indie Scenester (?)

not being the type that likes to be fitted with a label i took a quiz which does so as a bit of fun, Find Your Tribe is a website that asks you questions about your tastes, habits and brand preferences before deciding which 'youth tribe' you belong to

but the dissection of youth culture into 'tribes' has been conducted quite seriosly, with the original project in 2006 polling over 70,000 people and last year a second survey questioned a further 80,000 + to keep the results up to date and relavant in identifying 26 different tribes with differing tastes and traits

and according to my results...

'You are an Indie Scenester! You are at the forefront on the indie scene – you know all the major players. You’re always ahead of the game – moving on to the next thing once everyone joins in. You like to look good and your icons go beyond the centrefold of the NME – your current look is James Dean meets Grace Jones. Just wait – everyone will be wearing it in a year’s time.'

26 different videos have been produced to further explain each tribe, i don't think that the Indie Scenester description is entirely me but there are definite parts of the description i agree are completely me

another couple of suggestions based on my results said i could possibly also be a trendie or a club kid, and if you mix them all together i'd say thats almost a fair representation of me

tho i definetly would never describe myself as a trendie indie club kid

let me know how you got on with your results!


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