Tuesday, 20 October 2009


i was just gonna crack on with uploading some of the most interesting photos from my holiday in Japan, but instead circumstances and coincidences compelled me to delay it and cover something else instead

after a 12 hour flight, a trip along the Piccadilly line and a bus tour of Enfield i got home and tried to keep myself awake and re-adjusted to UK time by geeking out as only i know how, i started reading Batman: Jekyll and Hyde, that i had gotten out from the library, and as my eyelids grew heavy i decided to get nostalgic and stick on the dvd of Batman: The Animated Series and another happy coincidence left me pleasantly surprised that it was Two-Face that was yet again featured in the episode i was up to

it was strange then that when i got up to the BBC breakfast news that one of their features was a look at a documentary telling the story of Katie Piper, a presenter and model that suffered a horrific attack when acid was thrown over her, grimly seeming to mirror the stories from the previous night

the true story of her ordeal was hard hitting and sickening, that anyone could devise such a way to ruin another persons life makes you despair but the rebuilding of her face and her life shows such amazing strength and its positivity stands in such stark contrast to the fictional scarred dual persona of Harvey Dent that the collision of similarities and differences stopped me in my tracks

unfortunately i can't embed the interview, but it can be viewed on the BBC website here and the Cutting Edge documentary will be show on Channel 4 next Thursday (29th October) at 9pm

credit where its due:

Two-Face artwork by Rawshark

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