Sunday, 15 November 2009


another poem? why yes, cos i was feelin a lil inspired last night and didn't want to sleep...

fueled by a couple of JD and cokes that i had slowly been sinking in an attempt to ease the fluey symptoms that had been crawling up my chest and scratching at my throat and pinching at my nose

and when there was no whisky i moved on to medicinal raki to clear my sinuses while those around me rotted their brains with a late night run through of x-factor

3 o'clock
and i'm willing the clock to stop
a lungful of liqueur
i shudder and shiver
i already dread what the morning will bring
an aniseed yawn and the alarm bells will ring
but write now i'm wired
and the alcohol solders
and i regret that my generation ever got older
while i try my hardest to claw at my youth
while you're sewn into sofas
your tubes watching proof
of a degrading of spirit
of body and mind
and i'll watch you
and ignore you
and be glad it's not mine


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