Saturday, 21 November 2009

heroes in a half shell

blogs bore me when the only updates are full of videos, but as i said, i found some stuff i thought would be great blog fodder that would appeal to your inner geek, and i thought that if i mix it with a little chit-chat at the same time you may overlook what could be seen as lazy blogging

sometimes there is so much buzzing around my brain that i think may be worthy of blogging, but i don't think i reach enough people to update more than a few times a week, so only the most deserving, the most relevant, the most important... actually probably the most geeky stuff makes it onto this blog

now i can't remember the last time i was excited about the Turtles, i'd definetely lost interest by the time they were releasing the transforming wave of figures, those samurai figures were cool, but i digress...

everything revolves in cycles and ideas get regurgitated for new audiences and i don't know what kinda crap kids have had to put up with maquerading as the Turtles these days, but what they watch certainly isn't what i watched... but in some super geeky mega-cross-over style thingy the turles i remember are teaming up with the latest incarnation, and by the looks of things also run into the old-skool black n white original Turtles from their gritty comics debut....


little bit excited
(in a nostalgic kinda way)

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