Monday, 11 July 2011

mind the gap


that has been a little while hasn't it.

and yet again i find myself apologising, for it is slightly embarrassing in a strange augmented-reality kind of way, for my blog being so barren for so long

i've got bloomin plenty that i could spout on about, yet i haven't got the time to get the words down, so instead you get filler and excuses while i wonder if i'll ever get the chance to recollect my journeys in Las Vegas, i also need to knock out a handful or music articles and reviews, step up my blogging game again and get on with it

it may look to you that i haven't blogged for 11days

but for 11 days i have been busy, living my life, taking a holiday, taking photos, babysitting a puppy and sadly getting back into the swing of things at work

all these things (except maybe the full-time job) enrich my life, so there is no reason for me to apologise for that at all

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