Friday, 29 July 2011

sound art experiment number 9

also known as the much delayed SoundArt9

i took the decision not to tinker too much longer and call it a day on this track last friday, and debuted it on my family's hub of creativity, Byford365.

my brother then gave it a spotlight on his own blog on monday, and since this blog right here is supposedly about me and my music, it appears that i am doing you a great disservice by not mentioning it until now...

SoundArt9 by Hunchbakk

i was rather shocked to find that it had been two years since i'd touched this track at all, but given time to think it other and then check back over previous blog entries it appears that the data connected to this was out by a whole year, but regardless, a year away from this is rather disapoiting, although in that time i had been busy moving and setting up home and i have managed to knock out a handful of other tracks in the meantime

but back to the SoundArt project!

the image supplied to me by my brother for inspiration was a photoshopped view of a boarded up old pub in Enfield Lock, the very same pub that i actually spent the night of my 18th birthday at, and now here i am, ten years later with a musical composition inspired by the decrepit look of the place as it is today

i'd been listening to a lot of dubstep around the time i recieved the artwork, and the image instantly connected with my sense of darker music, whilst the throbbing bass would also be rather haunting, yet also a reminder of the parties and nightlife that Rifles will surely be remembered for among certain generations

i did intend to have the finished article as a much longer track, but after revisting it after a year, and in contrast to the two tracks that precede it, it didn't seem such a bad idea to leave this as a briefer moment in the project

the drums that open the track and the chiming guitar were found on my hardrive and may very well belong to Komakino, there are also tidbits of Jamie XX's remix of Florence and the Machine and Skream's remix of La Roux present for those with a sharp sense of hearing

SoundArt9 by Hunchbakk

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