Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dark Knight Rising (but not for a while yet, and then some)

how many geeks does it take to bring a website to its knees?

I wish I could tell you, but as one of the many bat-fans that attempted to buy tickets for The Dark Knight Rises' IMAX run at midnight on Sunday, only to be faced with server busy messages and the like, I have no actual idea how many tickets were sold before BFI's website crashed due to the immense demand caused by eager and dedicated fans wanting to see the conclusion of Christopher Nolan's trilogy as it should be, on a massive bloody screen!!

I went to bed at some time past 1am, having been pressing refresh on several tabs on a couple of computers in the hope of bagging myself a ticket.

When I awoke shy of 5 hours later at around 6am, I checked again, only to find the IMAX site had been completely broken, much like Bane broke the back of Bruce Wayne way back in comic history....

at various points through the morning I checked the site again with no luck, attempted calling the booking line with no luck, and even read on the IMAX's Facebook page that to queue in person was taking an hour upwards to guarantee a precious ticket.

.... the good news is that the website eventually recovered, the bad news, by this point all of the prime seats of all of the prime showings had been booked up... leaving me with no choice but to wait nearly two weeks after the initial release to see whether The Dark Knight Rises is crushed under the weight of expectation, and to see just what Christopher Nolan has instore for the culmination of his own take on the Batman franchise

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