Saturday, 2 June 2012

leaving the demons behind

I felt burdened by burdens

I couldn't rest

and I was too worn down to live

it was a horrible state of affairs and I am glad to now be free of it.

I had been dragged down, run through the mill, tossed aside and a whole bunch of other things as I rode the topsy turvy ride of super-fun unemployment

and when the gleam of light shone by a job offer did appear, I could feel something inside me stirring to tell me that it just wasn't right

and it just wasn't right.

a pride that I placed upon getting back in the saddle was hiding my own uncertainties, and those closest to me I did not hide my uncertainties from at all, but I persevered, I have got bills to pay after all.

but it just wasn't right.

it was affecting me and my well-being, I wasn't who i am, and that is hard to deal with.

thankfully, the intense job searching has meant that more opportunities still lay before me, face to face interviews, phone interviews, more CVs and applications have been fired off

I may be back in the hole of unemployment, but at least I know who I am again.

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