Tuesday, 31 July 2012

and so it begins (again)

finally, the date is almost upon me, I have been avoiding tv spots and trailers and keeping myself from social networks and the geeky websites I would usually frequent in order to avoid any foolish spoilers, but soon, very soon, I get to see The Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX

so in preparation, I have been gorging myself on Batman, re-reading my well worn and well loved Knightfall graphic novels yet again, dipping into a Rās Al Ghūl focused Tales Of The Demon graphic novel that I picked up a while ago at Krypton Komics at a bargain price of £3.95.

and tonight, fresh from hosting the Olympic opening ceremony, my projector and living room wall shall tonight be showing Batman Begins while I try and relax myself, possibly with a sailor jerry and coke or possibly a whisky in hand.

I shall be tuning in, same bat time, same bat channel tomorrow for a showing of The Dark Knight.

then finally, yes finally, Thursday I shall be hoping that my expectations have been kept in check and that Nolan has delivered a well rounded trilogy and not tripped at the fine hurdle (obligatory sporting/Olympic anology)

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