Monday, 30 July 2012

the 'sinister' phone

I now bring you the very second ever blog post from my brand new 'smart' phone (the very first having debuted over on the Byford365 blog yesterday)
and boy, is it smart? it seems to cope very well with my fat fingers jab jabbing at the screen and second guesses the words I intend to.have typed without too much confusion and embarrassment (yet)
of course I could probably have just used my ipad, but where would have been the fun in that?
But this super amazing non-apple smart phone does have a rather sinister side to it... such as the fact that it.always seems to know where I am (apart from when it assumed I was in Waltham Abbey when I was in fact in Enfield Town) and when it suddenly decided to add a while load of contacts to my phonebook that it had plucked from facebook
so it is worth checking your settings so you know exactly what your sharing and who you're sharing it with since I have accumulated a bunch of numbers from my 'friends' that I did not have previously
so possibly expect some on-the-fly blog posts and up to date photos if I can tear myself from unsociable social networks

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