Saturday, 11 April 2009

holy grail

in this fast paced digital world where everything is on demand and information is only a few clicks away it doesn't leav too much room for those 'holy grail' moments, when something you had been searching for is suddenly revealed to you.

my holy grail moment starts with Miss Odd Kidd, and her mixtape from way back, i probably never even got round to listening to it when it was released on the internet so rectifying the situation last year it was loaded up to my generic mp3 player, bloody amazing it was too...

and one song stuck out, and stuck in my mind, a bizarre little beat and some cringe-worthy lyrics about fancying someones mum, all topped off with an infectious refrain of 'uh-ohhhhhh, uh uh ohhhhhhhh'

yeah, i liked it

but could i find a track listing for the mixtape anywhere?! no, i couldn't!! i thought we were living in the future?! i needed information!!

this situation probably dates back to last summer perhaps, and the answer to my ponderings was found in the unlikeliest places, in a impulsive decision last thursday to pick up a magazine my girlfriend bought in september 2007 (cos when times get tough you fall back on what youve got don't you), retrospectively reading the hot tips of who was gonna be big and i stumbled across an article on Niyi - and a reference to that same track that still lingered in my mind!!!

i'd paid attention to Niyi before, became quite excited by his tunes, but never at the time did i hear 'your mummy'!!?

regardless, holy grail found!! now to download it from i-tunes and give it the hammering it deserves


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