Monday, 21 June 2010

pelvic floor exercises

i'm sat around trying to satisfy my wandering mind with a variety of things including peanut butter on crumpets, Superman CBRs from way back in '06 and compiling a road trip mixtape that needs to get us to Somerset on wednesday.  and also giving this blog a breif update.

despite the fact that i think i am the most prepared that i have ever been for Glastonbury (including making dozens of lists that have infuriated my girlfriend) i still feel a little wayward and unprepared.

i have a habit of leaving things to the last minute no matter how forward thinking i have been so tomorrow (or more likely the early hours of wens) will be the real decider as i rush around cramming a few extra things that i have decided i've forgotten into my backpack despite having days when i could have meticulously planned the whole operation.

and this dread sense that has crept over me also relates to the quest for a house that my girlfriend and i embarked on and seemed to be never-ending, for an end may be in sight, it's just a shame that the whole process of surveys and solicitors and the like is all coming together at around about the same time as this year's Glastonbury Festival! what hideous and teasing timing.

my life has revolved around more than just packing and planning for the future but for now these are the things on my unfocused mind....

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