Friday, 25 March 2011

where's my head at?

my head feels fuzzy

not in the worst way, but kind of bad enough to make you feel like someone else while your real self is floating around in a bubble

add to this the fact that my nose is alternating between running and bunged up and it equals possibly the worst onslaught of hayfever that i have encountered since i was about 11.

then factor in that i have either not had the means, the time, or the mental agility to bosh out a decent blog post of any real consequence.

and this means that i now feel a lot less like me.

on monday i was considering a blog about who i am, or who i used to be. or maybe who i once appeared to be in one particular photo.

i attempted to write that blog last night, and got all of about 18 words out before i faltered and just couldn't get into the right groove for blogging.

so here is a blog to fill the void, it is mostly hot air, fragranced with pollen and then showered in snot.
enjoy it if you can and pray that normal service will resume soon.

if not frequent blogging, then at least a regular mentality.

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