Monday, 18 April 2011


i've already schooled you on the shit that may or may not be going down with The Weekender's fluctuating  page count and uncertain future, yet it seems that this was just the tip of a Titanic mashing iceberg

after doing my own little bit of campaigning in order to save the section of the newspaper that i am so fond of reading and contributing to, a little more information has come to light and to be honest, it is not good news

no wonder our paper is taking such a battering, since it turns out that editorial staff that have left have not been replaced and other key positions have also remained unfilled as part of some genius cost cutting exercise

great idea, the only problem is now that the people left staffing the paper are now overstretched and unable to do a proper job delivering quality content, with just three full-time reporters having to fill the pages of nine newspapers a week, they are tied to their desks with no real scope for any type of first-hand accounts or investigative journalism, instead the former award winning newspapers are now filled with (the rather brilliantly named) 'worst kind of churnalism'

blogs, facebook and a twitter have all been set-up to raise awareness of what has been going on behind the scenes at our local papers and to further drive the point home, two weeks of strike action have been scheduled starting tomorrow

i was intending to get along and further show my support for those affected, but unfortunately work engagements won't allow me to be in Enfield Town as i would usually be.

not only will i be missing out on the picket line outside the newspapers' offices, i shall also be missing out on the theatrically staged funeral procession that shall be lead through the town with a priest reading the paper's last rites, while a menacing grim reaper shall also be stalking around as a menacing reminder of how these attitudes and decisions are leading to the death of our local newspapers

for more information of the strike read here
and more information on all this dastardly shit, and contact details to try and stop it can be found here

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