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right now, at this very specific moment in time, you will be bearing witness to an unholy geeky number of superhero videos and one superhero film review...

and what have i got for you today?

hell yeah! let's balance the whole thing out by bringing you more blooming superhero videos, and of course, when i say balancing out i actually mean that i am tipping us all over into a superhero filled abyss full of home-made Rocketeer costumes, Papercraft X-men and where the memory of Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl still looms large!!

bwa ha ha ha ha ! ! !

ahem, sorry about that...

back on track... obviously the internet is all a-buzz at the minute over any miniscule drip-fed tidbit about Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman flick due in 2012.  Casting details and barely revealed character designs have already sent fans into spasms, and now we have a teaser poster and teaser trailer in order to tease us further

i held off watching it on my computer in favour of actual big screen (hinted at) action and i didn't have to wait long, catching it among the trailers before Harry Potter and The Fully Realised Franchise last night

but for those that have no such issues over size or simply wanna watch it again, here it is

and that is it, it doesn't give away too much other than, it has Batman in it, Gordon will at some point be laid up in hospital being rather mumbly, and Bane will look pretty mean.

we have not even the merest hint of Anne Hathaway's role or appearance as Catwoman that has been bandied about since she joined the cast

i'd love to say i'm excited, but i'm not, not yet anyway.

excitement leads to expectations, and more often than not, expectations lead to disappointment.

i'm already disappointed that they called the film The Dark Knight Rises, being such a cop-out that they should have maybe just called it The Dark Knight 2.  I can imagine movie executives upset that after the success of The Dark Knight, idiotic punters being bombarded with publicity may not be able to understand that this film is the sequal if it had anything other than the words The, Dark and Knight in the title.

some considered it a brave decision to not include the word 'Batman' in the title of a Batman film, worked out ok by the looks of things, but now we are denied a opportunity of a real title for the third installment.  a shame.

and Bane?

i am completely apprehensive about his inclusion, obviously comic book readers are aware of his pivotal role in the Batman titles from the 90s which was somewhat lost in translation completely when he appeared as a muscle-bound goon following Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy in the ill-fated 1997 flick.

whilst some fans are hoping for this Knightfall arc to come across in The Dark Knight Rises, i can't help but think it would be the wrong idea, as much as i would love to see Bane redeemed in the eyes of the movie-going public, the thought drawing upon this story where bane masterminded a mass break out from Arkham, undoing Batman's life work, and weaving it into what are presumably Batman's early years just seems like a huge mis-step.

i'm certain we won't see any back breaking or a replacement Dark Knight in a film that should be tieing everything together, so is Bane the best choice over the earlier reported Killer Croc or the lesser known Amygdala (since we have already seen the barely known Mr Zsasz, albeit briefly, in Begins) or even bringing the sadistic Zsasz back to make the stories cyclical.

if Nolan can turn in a decent tale, and re-imagine Bane and Catwoman in the same way he has reinvented Two-face and The Joker than there will be nothing to fear, but with the The Dark Knight Rises not even due until next summer, we have a years worth of waiting until we find out for sure.

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