Friday, 5 August 2011

bug hunt

i'm at odds to think of myself as a massive nerd, certainly i display many geeky tendecies that have reared their heads as i have refused to grow up and instead found myself reading comics again

and although it may not be clear to everyone, there are in fact distinct differences between geeks and nerds

i have never attempted to be fluent in Klingon, nor am i a technical computer genius capable of hacking into FBI files for fun, but i am scared that i may be crossing a line this weekend

for on saturday, i shall be taking part in my first ever LARP event

yes, it does sound as if it may be the noise that a red-necked yokel would make in the affirmative, but it actually stands for Live Action Role Play for those of you that have never ever swung around a foam sword in defence of an imaginary realm

something like Dungeons and Dragons crossed with Battle re-enactments..

c'mon, think Role Models and the socially awkard Augie!  yeah, now you're on the right path

well, a couple of my mates are into this kinda thing, and as a lover of a little bit of home-made fancy dress i decided i would actually give this thing a go

i painted up a nerf maverick earlier this year, and have been having a fair crack at getting a second battle-ready without quite so much aid and guidance this time around

i've got my combat fatigues ready too

as instead of medieval, this weekend will have an alien theme as a small unit of us descend upon a not-so-far flung scout hall in the middle of nowhere, for a trade in bio-weapons which will no doubt go extremely awry and possibly feature a couple of gatecrashing xenomorphs

wish me luck

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