Wednesday, 20 November 2013

awake right now

home by half ten.

quick cup of tea, sort my lunch for tomorrow and be in bed by 11.

probably read a little bit more of the Huntress graphic novel that I am reading, lights off by half 11, asleep by 12 and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day tomorrow morning.

ah, the best laid plans of mice and men...

of course, it is now knocking on for one o'clock and the farthest thing from my mind is sleep.

instead, as I sat with my cup of tea, waiting for bedtime, my girlfriend showed me an idea she'd spotted on pinterest that I could use for the nest of tables that I acquired from a charity shop.

it wasn't quite what I had in mind, but it was close, so I decided to waste a few moments looking for other ideas similar, and then for how to make shelves out of pallets, and then looking at bookshelves under beds, and then more shelving ideas, and then sofa tables

and then I started looking for oddities and little pieces of furniture on eBay, and then I started looking at bigger pieces of furniture on eBay 

and then I pondered my possible future in interior design and then found that nobody was requiring my skills as an interior designer on gumtree so I instead decided to google interior design blogs, cos I could have my own interior design blog couldn't I, and then people would want me to design their interiors

and I forget how creative I have already been around the house, but I don't know how much of my house I want to share, my house is mine, for me, to share with my girlfriend and share with guests and have them marvel at my unique touchs, not to have a billion other people tuning in and copying what I'm doing

I'm me, so just let me be me and you can be you

I then think maybe my mums front room could do with an overhaul, that would be a great project, except there's too much crap in there which I probly wouldn't be able to get rid of, but I also wanna start making shelves for the attic to house all my CDs and books

and I also think of my music blog, and my mixtapes and the reviews I need to post, and the charity shops I could trawl and I could dream of quitting my job and doing all I want to do as my own full time job until it starts working and earning money except we couldn't survive for that long on just one income 

and I think about blogging, and this, my own personal blog that has become rather sparse as my mind and my time and my efforts have been elsewhere and the longer I'd left it so far, the longer I would continue to do so

so I had to get up, turn on the light, grab the gizmo and type

I should really be asleep tho

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