Monday, 7 March 2011

everyone's at it

twitter. tweeting. ok, i'll hold my hands up and admit that i don't really get it and i spent a good while saying that i just wouldn't bother with it but in my line of.. erm... unpaid employment i guess it can be used as a tool.

i spent the longest time saying that i wasn't gona set up a facebook for myself, and i held out for a very long time, and it was when logging into myspace and realising that pretty much no-one i knew used it anymore i kinda felt alone and needed the cyber comfort of my friends.

and guess what, i'm on the bloody thing near enough every day.

i use facebook on a more personal level, the myspace was about my musical identity of Hunchbakk, my facebook was actually me, the real person, or as real as i chose to be, i did get round to setting up a Hunchbakk facebook page for people to 'like' but i don't really devote too much time to it, it automatically updates with my blog posts, so you may as well just keep checking back here anyway.

it was at a friend's houseparty a few weeks back that i actually thoughtfully considered using twitter, me and my girlfriend were chatting to a guy in the kitchen, i called him Charlie Chaplin as i informed him that i was unlikely to remember his name and he had been drinking in a pub called the Charlie Chaplin before the party, and then not shown up to the party and then we all feared he was dead or worse as we realy weren't in the nicest part of london.  all this is besides the point...

i'm quite humble, and don't announce myself too loudly.  i sometimes forget the things i have achieved and all that i am, thankfully my girlfriend will occasionally big me up to people, it makes me feel proud, of myself and of her when she does this and i hope it means that she is proud of me. forget the day job, what really makes me interesting is all the other things that i get up to, and she proceeded to talk about my dan le sac vs madonna ciccone article that dan le sac himself acknowledged....

and Charlie Chaplin was quite blown away by this (which made me a little prouder) and he mentioned that i was selling myself short if i wasn't on twitter and trying to get myself out there and connecting with more people that are gonna take notice of what i write and what i do.

i'd even mentioned the use of twitter in the aforementioned article, and considered its use, and perhaps i should have dived in right there and then... but i didn't... i carried on mulling it over and not actually commiting myself to it, because i am a thinker and not a doer....

but it is done, that was a very long way of saying that it is done, i am on twitter, and it is neither musical nor wholly personal, i see it as some kind of self-promotional middle ground that is there for the sake of networking, as opposed to just keeping up with friends. i shall have to get in the habit of logging into it regularly, and linking to the various sites that i am involved in

so far, i have two beautiful followers (where you at @ianbyfordart ???) with whom to share my wares.

if you have any interest in my writing, my photography, my music, my poetry, or just me, then i suggest perhaps you look me up on there

and next time somebody is 'retweeting' my article or some such, i shall be there and be prepared to reap the anticipated rewards..... (and ensure that the bloody link works)

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