Sunday, 6 March 2011

it's a trap!

i'm sure it must be a trap!

there is absolutely no way that i am gonna get reeled into having to sit through Episode 1 again, not least when i'll have to pay for the privilege on seeing the stupid thing in 3D, no thanks George.

quick to jump on this blooming stupid 3D (but not even really 3D, just a bit 3D) bandwagon that will lead us all into the mouth of hell, George Lucas climbed down from the giant money stack he had been sat on at his Skywalker ranch and decreed that his 6 Star Wars films shall be re-tooled with some crummy 3D and then drip-fed into cinemas over the course of 6 years in order to bleed die-hard geeks of more of their earnings.

i grumbled when i first heard the news, but now a release date for Episode 1 has been pencilled in for next february i feel the need to grumble a little bit more, and publicly...

because me and my girlfriend have been having our own screening of the two trilogies in our own front room (her suggestion actually) with our projector and our conveniently painted white wall with no pictures hanging.

we'd start at the start (or the middle, dependant on your personal viewpoint) with Episode 1, by no means a classic, but despite the derision and the fact that the film is far from great, i've held a kind of naive fondness for it in my mind, but sitting through it again, i was relieved when the end credits rolled

back in 1999 i think i was kinda caught up in the hype, full of excitement that my generation would have it's own Star Wars legacy to witness anew after growing up with A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi as a standard Bank Holiday TV staple, i don't ever remember being shocked by the revelation of Luke's parentage as it was almost a received wisdom.

right now tho, in 2011, The Phantom Menace sticks out as a moment that the dream soured and as a terrible choice of a way to spend a couple of hours (and however much a ticket to a 3D film will be going for in 2012).

thankfully the other two prequels managed to claw back some of the self-respect lost in Episode 1, but the damage had already been done, and we became imbued with more of a curiosity for parts 2 and 3 instead of being blessed with another huge cultural phenomenon for a later generation.

(and i dare say i may be tempted to sneak into the 3D screenings of Episodes 2, 3 ,4, 5 and 6 as they roll out)

now we are at the halfway point with our screenings (well sort of, she slept through most of Revenge and should realy catch up) and we'll probably fire up the projector tomorrow night and step back in time, but further into the future, although they're all a long time ago anyway, but i'm sure you catch my drift, yep, we'll be watching the 'special' edition of 77's A New Hope.

ok, the lightsabre duels are a hell of a lot slower, and no-one jumps around so much, but nobody mentions midichloreans either, so the other factors that date it don't really matter at all when put into the context of Episode 1.

and for those that are bored of the same song that the Mos Eisley Cantina Band have been playing for what seems like an eternity, then perhaps tune into this Star Wars honouring video for mopey rockers Scattered Trees (no, i hadn't heard of them either) that, through the kitchen sink drama of some Imperial downtime, shows the downside of capturing pretty female jedis if you're a bit of an emotionally charged stormtrooper.

oh, and Boba Fett knows how to play drums, reinforcing his reputation as one of the coolest characters of the franchise.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, (ever so slightly tedious link) that reminds me t remind you, that my the review of The Fetts' debut album (see what i did there) is up over on my other blog, Desperately Seeking Susan Boyle...

and before i go, i must also comment on how impressed i am with their use of some chalkboard paint nonchalantly daubed on the walls, looking very cool.

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