Thursday, 30 December 2010

screw your 42" flatscreen tv!

two things that keep cropping up on this blog

home improvements

and star wars

now if only there was an entertaining and inspiring 'light' news piece that could combine the two of them while i look for ideas to geek out the attic room

sheeeet, will you look at that? while everybody else has been getting unreasonably excited about The Empire Strikes Back being inducted into something something, cultural importance blah blah, they've only gone and skipped over the creation of a home cinema styled around around Darth Vader's Star Destroyer!!

'windows' were painted on the walls to give a view looking out from the imposing Imperial fleet vehicle, the room is constructed to be accoustically perfect, and two scarlet-clad Imperial guards even watch over the entrance to this geeking-freaking slice of nirvana that is equipped with 12 leather recliners and a wii, incase chasing down rebels just isn't fun any more.

but the dream becomes almost as crushing as a stormtroopers defeat at the hands of ewoks, when you pay closer attention to the article, since not every misguided geek has a 20 by 30 foot room knocking around to convert and upset their significant others, and to add salt to the recently opened wound they also have an adjoining living room and pool table and have even hosted intimate gigs in the Vader room

and since my own through lounge doesn't come in those particular sizes, i guess we'll keep hooking up the laptop to the projector and stereo for our own cinematic experiences, and i suppose i should consider a more humble approach to redecorating the attic

credit where it's due:

read the full story at triblocal/libertyville

and pictures lovingly pilfered from Amy Alderman (triblocal)

oh, and the home theatre was also completed in 2009! hot news! as soon as it happens!

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