Thursday, 16 December 2010

titus groan

my foul tempered and life-support assisted computer has been a real burden on any kind of creativity that i was intending to display, another year, another christmas and i'm ashamed to say that i have nought new to offer anybody by way of a musical present.

that isn't to say that i haven't thought about it (after all, i am a thinker and not a doer)

and somewhere on my flatlining hardrive is my follow up to, intended to be released in 2009, but with each fleeting moment i assume that it shall remain an incomplete idea that recoils in Sony Acid

it is a cover version of sorts, and the more thought i give to it, the more i see it as something that was never likely to have acheived fruition

much more likely to be within my grasp was the notion of another cover version, my own attempt at John Cage's 4'33" that i was rather delighted to have thought up when the Christmas number 1 campaign was still in its infancy and is now being actively encouraged, but quite simply i just haven't found the time (all 4 minutes and 33 seconds) to work on it properly, combine this with the fact that my girlfriend's laptop seems to make an awful lot of noise when it records and it leaves me falling short of the creative vision i had in mind

and so it goes, i have ideas, i consider cover versions, i play out in my head a way to make it sound like my own, give each track a Hunchbakk stamp that makes it recognisable as clearly being one of my interpretations, i did manage it with the xx's vcr, i also made a start on a cover of a rialto song, and i'm still certain that my eventual version of 'many of horror' while be a darn sight better than that wet squib currently being offered up by Matt Cardle (seriously, why?)

but in terms of a festive treat for right now, i'm bringing back, and shall keep bringing it back until amazon or hmv see fit to use it in their christmas advertising campaigns and send a little money my way

if they want it, they'll have to pay for it, but for everybody else the track is available to download absolutely free (just like all my music to date has been) and this year is the first year that the track is available via soundcloud, so please feel free to share it around and spread the cynical christmas cheer by Hunchbakk

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