Thursday, 4 November 2010

lump it

my little brother seems to think that it was possibly Shakespeare that said "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry".

i personally couldn't care who said it (although i do know that he is on a bit of a wind up)

i just wish that sometimes things would actually just work out the way i intended them to.

for while i have been busy trying to add weight to my blog's social standing as a music blog, and while my life has been in slight upheaval, and while my crippled computer has remained comatose, i have found no time at all to work on any of my own music.

i then made the decision that since things are kind of settling down in the new home and we now have small amounts of clutter gravitating towards us within the large empty rooms, that i would try and get the wheels in motion again, by sneakily installing Acid on my girlfriend's laptop so i could continue my experiments into sound and noise.

i'd picked up the instillation disc and a handful of other CDs that i thought may come in handy and sat myself down, ready to work into the night on manipulating whatever aural pleasures i chose to, all set-up, all good..

except i don't have my damn serial number :-(

so the time i should have spent knocking out some inaudible concoction was instead replaced by the installation of Comical and picking up where i'd last read Countdown to Infinite Crisis until my eyes could no longer stay open.

Waking up this morning with a new sense of vigour and purpose, knowing that i could finally got a move on and possibly even have an audio experiment all wrapped up and ready to share by the end of the day, i ploughed through my household chores without even a shred of half-heartedness, keen to make this day a glorious day full of achievements!  washing put out to dry, clothes put away, floors swept and bundles of boring paperwork piled through, i decided my work here was done and rushed out to grab a few extra bits of clutter, a few more DVDs and the all important serial number i needed....

well i guess i wouldn't even be writing this blog post if the story had a happy ending, but incase the suspense is killing you....   i tapped in the ridiculously long code, got the software all loaded up, clicked to youtube looking for some audio i wished to rip and started recording..

only to find that the inner machinations of my girlfriend's laptop must be stupidly loud and didn't really want to participate in what i had got planned for the rest of the day

so it's back to the drawing board for now, in fact it is probably back to a few more comics and finally getting round to making myself some lunch after all the excitement has worn off and the frustration has been vented.

perhaps it is time to pay to get my computer fixed......


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