Sunday, 5 September 2010

house of mystery

there has been no time for blogging recently as i have been far toooo busy cleaning inside, outside, above and below practically every surface, cupboard, wardrobe and hiding place after finally getting the keys to my house earlier this week!

and what a revelation it was going back into a building that i haven't seen in three months, how all my memories of the house had distorted with time.

thankfully, most of the house had seemed to have grown!

the through lounge had grown wider!

the kitchen had got bigger!

both bedrooms had expanded!

and the attic room had gone from being a pokey bit of storage to quite a cool hang out pad!

i was surprised to find that some sliding wardrobe doors that i remember being white were now fully mirrored!

and the garden that had been increasing and decreasing in length since i last saw it still seems to be quite a respectable size!

i'm guessing the whole house may start to shrink as soon as we start moving anything resembling real furniture into the place, but for now we have a number of big open spaces and a whole host of design opportunities.

while we've been waiting for solicitors and estate agents to all get their arses in gear, my mind had been running wild with all the possibilities for the new place, but now we're through the front door and the blank canvases are staring me in the face i feel as if i am suffering from something like decorators block!

to get a few ideas flowing, the obligatory wander around homebase and grabbing of paint colour leaflets has been done and last night we were sat with a bunch of crown, dulux and laura ashley literature stewn across the floor infront of us in an empty front room that is only furnished with an out of place garden table and a fold-up chair that i have partially hoovered up with our second hand dyson.

i've promised not to go posting too many pictures of what is sure to be a unique attempt at interior design, as my girlfriend is concerned that people may go stealing all of our ideas (some of which are our own, some we have in fact already stolen from other websites), but so far she has told me that too many of my ideas and artwork will make it look like a comic book geeks house and i am still trying to convince my girlfriend that second hand sofas really aren't as evil as she suspects they are, and that a boat is a legitimate piece of living room furniture.

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