Saturday, 25 September 2010

music blog?

Hunchbakk - music and musings

although i guess more recently it has been mostly musings, but the musings are mostly music related

but i haven't posted up an awful lot of music, not as much as i'd liked to have done, which had me wondering

is this a music blog?

i always assumed it was because i started it as a way to share my own music other than just having a standard myspace, but then i would also post up any odd curiosities that i stumbled upon that intrigued me and that i thought may have been of interest to other people, and then i would throw in posts highlighting new tracks as and when i made them

i would review the gigs i would go to, and tell you things i was excited about, and post up videos - but i didn't post too much music for fear of it becoming a little bit lost within the clutter and the clatter of all the other music blogs that are out there trying to tip you off about the next big thing, or the next thing that won't be big cos it's too cool to be big, or sharing the same bunch of remixes that do the rounds in the blogosphere

but plenty of time has past now, and i think the blog exhibits enough of it's own identity that i shouldn't be afraid of it being lumped in with other blogs or trying to run with other blogs, it is what it is and i'm gonna endeavour to bring you more music... more downloads, more streams

maybe not loads, but i think it would be nice to mix it up a little bit with everything else that already goes on over here and share some music that may have been overlooked, or lost in the midst of time, or sometimes just whatever i'm feeling, regardless of whether it is new, old or hotly tipped.

this week i thought i may have had a chance to blog on wednesday, as it turns out, i didn't, but i did have a chance to click round a few websites and take a look at number of artists and projects that hadn't been on my radar before... unfortunately i didn't have any speakers on the computer so they kinda remain undiscovered discoveries until i get the chance to investigate further

but i found myself taking a look at J-treole, having been aware of them as someone i knew occasionally plays in their live band, a london based rapper named Loudmouth Melvin and a proposed two disc cover version album of Doves songs that shall be unveiled in October

so keep an ear out for my blog, as i am promising you more music! and maybe sometime soon when my computer has been spared from the clutches of death (again) i shall have more of my own music to bring you!!

but for now i'll leave you with an inspiring track that i heard on the radio this week, which is exactly the type of thing i would love to achieve within my own projects, and has currently got me tuned in to more music by the wonderful Dam Mantle

Theatre by Dam Mantle stream only

credit where it's due:
wow! image found on Geekology
and taken from this pretty amazing set or artworks

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