Saturday, 11 September 2010

shiny spandex, frightfull wigs and occasional fishnets

i've tried to hold back everytime i have the urge to write music reviews, but the Enfield Advertiser is slowly crawling itself towards being something like up to date and possibly have another 3 or 4 articles i have submitted left to print.

although this could actually take something like 8 weeks to knock out so i am presuming that a couple of the pieces may have fallen by the wayside as they become less relevant as time passes, but we'll see.

i'm desperate to open peoples eyes to some more new music and shall definetly be writing a piece on Janelle Monae who i saw at Koko on wednesday (thanks Atlantic Records, who came through in the end!!)

and this wednesday also saw the publication of the following piece, my little expose on some of Enfield's covers bands that do the rounds, proving that i will try my hardest to make sure that i have reported on any and every type of musical goings on in our borough!

Tribute acts are covering all bases
from Enfield Advertiser 08.09.10

Cover bands tend to get a lot of bad press...

That is if they get any press at all.

And this is something I began to consider when talking to my cousin's husband last christmas.

He plays drums in a glam rock tribute act, and I swear he didn't slip me any money to mention his band.

And I'll admit that I don't often have a lot of time for cover bands, it seems to be the reserve of dodgy pub gigs, I would much rather be sniffing out new talent than hearing some oldies being belted out to a room of boozed up punters.

Live music seems to have been on the rise again in Enfield, but even still, some nights it’s gonna be a covers band or nothing.

So let’s take a look at some of the best on offer.

Admittedly I am slightly biased towards Lipstick Torpedo, the aforementioned glam rockers that are rarely seen out of shiny spandex, frightfull wigs and occasional fishnets.

The music is full of 70’s flamboyance, think Marc Bolan and David Bowie and you've got a good mind what to expect the next time they take over The Red Lion.

A recent appearance at The Sporting Green saw the band rocking out in typically resplendent style, covering the aforementioned Thin White Duke, The Sweet and Rolling Stones.

Clearly pleasing the plastered crowd with a party atmosphere, Lipstick Torpedo were coaxed into giving the revelers 'one more!' twice, pulling out all the stops with a double-whammy of Motorhead’s 'Ace of Spades' and The Who's ‘My Generation’.

Another band you'll find doing the rounds are Pawn Shop Roxxx, delving into a vast array of past rock classics delivered with deserved reverence and most commonly spotted playing at The Old Bell or The Hop Poles.

And to bring things a bit more up to date you could do much worse than catching The Tide, taking in modern indie and rock but also unafraid to dip into Pink Floyds back catalogue, you're most likely to catch them if there is something worth celebrating at Bar Form.

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