Sunday, 12 September 2010

home improvements

i am becoming bored of white emulsion, but i guess, moving into a place, it is a necessity.

i probably wouldn't have made that decision, but my girlfriend did and now it is utmost importance to paint white all the stuff in the house that looked white but maybe wasn't quite white, or perhaps was white but has yellowed with the aid of nicotine (and perhaps the strange choice of colour on the walls wasn't so strange before it become smoke damaged, or perhaps the previous owners just had bad taste)

it is rather strange how it is not possible to simply move into a house and live your life, instead we must buy a house and have a 'design' or a 'theme' or a 'colour scheme', which i am not moaning about completely, but all those leaflets and paint samplers all reflect current trends and the need for feature walls and probably lots of other stuff that wasn't in vogue 10 years ago and neither will it be in 10 years time.

but once you start looking at these for some inspiration it suddenly becomes the only inspiration you can see.

and all of these 'ideal homes' become mundane and tepid once you've had a chance to visit a mates flat that is rather decadent and even has its own dungeon.  Where we have been considering doing our best to keep our rooms bright and maximise the light, his is daubed in deep reds and blacks.  it may not be what we are looking to do with our own house but it has definetely opened my girlfriend's eyes up to being a little bit bolder in our choices

now, i truly am looking forward to getting creative at any given opportunity, but i shall just have to try and remember that it is not being featured in a centre spread of a perfect homes magazine, what is more important is that it feels like my home (and more specifically, for most of the rooms at least, it feels like our home)

but before we move all our stuff in it is still quite hard to imagine it as our own and as an actual functioning home and in the meantime while we're busy with white emulsion and arguing over which of our walls will be the feature wall, we'll keep looking for inspiration, in hopefully some of the more unusual places.

(and the kitchen design up top isn't likely to happen in our house, so i'm guessing i'm safe to post it.  i do like it tho, just not right for us.)


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