Friday, 17 September 2010

how things are...

has it really gone 1 o'clock already??

i've still got so much i wanna get done.

but this is how things are right now.

i have got my Janelle Monae review up on glasswerk.

i have rewritten a new version for the Enfield Advertiser, who have this week seen fit to publish my Battle of the Bands article.

i have been listening to some old CDs.

i have got to catch up on last week's Dexter and This Is England '86/

i have got a house i need to paint white.

i have got warning that you shall be seeing a lot more of this poster in the near future.

and i have got a preview of this year's BushFest that i need to tweak so that i can publish it on the blog tomorrow.

so i bid you all good day so that i can get on with things.

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