Monday, 29 November 2010

damaged goods

i hope those of you that stop by here occasionally have been able to keep up with the recent deluge of output that has kept the blog moving at quite a pace

on the press front, it seems that the Janelle Monae review i expected to surface has gone astray somewhere along the line, the editor instead pushing to have my Cheryl Cole and Flo Kirton pieces published, narrowing down the time between me submitting them and them appearing in print, even catching me unawares when he beat me to the punch by featuring Flamboyant Bella's former singer in last wednesday's Enfield Advertiser before i'd even posted it on the blog... the newspaper also using the inspired, tongue in cheek headline Flo's bedroom antics to get back on top

on the home front, the weekend was used to pick out curtains and contemplate venetian blinds, as the rooms tackled so far attempt to make it past the 'soft furnishings' mark in terms of progress.  a brisk trip around the Cross also found 2 new additions for the kitchen, in the form of a novelty ice cube tray and a chrome bin that replaces the small black bin that was intended for the bathroom but will now probably reside in one of the bedrooms.

and these shopping trips have also produced a few unique images of quite disturbing products that are for sale in Harlow if you know all the wrong places to look

meaning you not only get updates on my journalism and home improvements, you also get treated to brand new photography

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