Monday, 22 November 2010

a thinker and not a doer

i was sat in the passenger seat of the car on the way to leicester, scribbling down all of the bits that i would like to do in the house, trying to recall all the little quirky ideas and geeky touches that have fallen into my brain over the past few months, as well as any other cosmetic changes that i think would be appropriate.

top of the list was purchasing a 2 seater Karlstad sofa from Ikea, despite the fact that my girlfriend had pretty much won that argument already, having picked up the Isundra Grey covers for the 3 seater earlier that day (tho not the sofa, since it wouldn't fit in the car), i knew it was rather futile, but in my mind i thought i may still be in with a chance of proving myself right once the 3 seater is in place and is slightly too big, as i think it is.

further down are a number of other changes that i would like to implement that i know she already disagrees with

(alas, it is already too late to get a boat in the front room)

my girlfriend glances at the list after filling up petrol and i covet it before she can read too far and start putting paid to all my other intentions for the home.

she tells me:  'you are a thinker and not a doer'

indeed it is true, i like to give things a lot of thought and sometimes overthink things to the point that i don't actually get round to doing them, far too busy wondering if i've made the right choice or holding off doing what i want to do for one reason or another.

whereas she will get sick of me thinking about it and just buy whatever suits herself, this is the reason we now have a bed and will soon have a sofa.

but i like thinking, i spend a lot of time thinking, and this is also the reason i have my blog, it is an outlet, not only can i let my creative side flourish and indulge my passion for writing, but i can also publish my procrastinations, on whatever topic i so desire, whether it is music, ikea sofas, thinking, or, erm, music.

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