Tuesday, 16 November 2010

take a bite.

the Bubblegum Stomp crew helped bring a fledling All Teeth into the world, way back in march 2008

we knew the Gingerbread Men through their gigging with Red Griffin Records, for whom we became something like resident DJs, always quite happy to throw down for a party vibe

and we were over the moon to be asked to get involved, always keen to take our eclectic tastes elsewhere and catch a few bands in the process

and yeah, we threw down hard (as always!), we mashed it up, we played the songs you love, the songs you hate (but secretly love) and the songs you don't actually know (but should love). we also wore Will Smith masks.

we had bloody great fun and we had people dancing but i'm guessing we must have done something wrong, because we never got invited back.

perhaps it was because we were slightly non-punctual (ooops)

perhaps it was because Pink Lizard upset All Teeths head honcho early in the night by playing My Chemical Romance when panicked by an unfamiliar CD deck that wouldn't give her CD back (i deduced that it needed to be paused, then ejected, problem solved)

or perhaps it was because we disgruntled Bloody Awful Poetry who were also along to DJ after we'd had our slot, we probably didn't hit it off well when we kept giving one guy rather off looks after he just started hanging around near the decks, acting completely shifty and failing to introduce himself and i think we were quite justified in thinking that he was out to steal our or the band's stuff.

and when his DJing co-hort arrived and they were actually introduced to us they suddenly insisted on taking over right away, ignorant of the fact that we had just hit our stride and were getting great reactions from the floor, obviously pleased to see people moving and wanting a slice of the glory.

we bargained to buy ourselves a little longer and play out a couple more before relenting our hold on the Buffalo Bar, at which point they cued up their tracks and followed with a less than barn storming set.

as fans of Gingerbread Men and discovering new music in general, i think us Stompers had kinda hoped it may have been the start of a beautiful relationship, but something nixed it for us, and despite popping along to enjoy All Teeth as paying customers, while Bloody Awful Poetry returned a few times, we have never been invited back to DJ ..

until now!!!

yep, maybe the ghosts of Bloody Awful Poetry have been exorcised! cos we are back at All Teeth this thursday!!!

click image for a larger view or check out the event page on facebook

now these chances to DJ are becoming rarer , we utterly relish the chance to get out and exert our musical taste on others, the last set at Bushfest was a revelation, and since my mp3 burnt discs are unlikely to work on the Buffalo Bars slightly old Skool rickety CD decks, i'll probably have to dig in the crates a little (and perhaps burn an extra special CD of new stuff)

and those wanting to know a little more about the historical launch night of All Teeth can check out a write-up right here

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