Monday, 20 December 2010

brucie bonus

she won the argument about the size of the sofa, and back in the early days of moving in together she also sternly informed me that we WAS going to be getting a tv license and that there wasn't an argument to be had over it

i had no choice

she steadfastly refused to go without watching the telly, despite anything worth watching plus a hell of a lot more being available to stream online

and so it goes that since moving in with my girlfriend afew months ago, i am suddenly a different person, i still don't actively choose to watch the television, but since my computer is still struck dumb and i have nothing resembling a studio to disapear away to i am all of a sudden a lot more aware of what is going on

this is the first year that i have actually been able to name the finalists for the X-factor and Strictly Come Dancing, and the very first time i have taken an active interest in the Apprentice

and while i have kicked up a stink every time she lends any credence to Simon Cowell's despicable cause, i haven't protested so much about tuning into Strictly

obviously i have always been aware of the skimpy outfits, but if she wants to watch it, it isn't all bad too bad for me either

and the Strictly final shaped up to be a battle between two of my favourites of the series, and since the Roxanne Pallet post from last june is still the page that gets the most hits 18 months after it was published it would be foolish not to give a little exposure to one of my other favourite soap sirens that spent most of strictly being over-exposed

mmmmmm... Kara Toyn-Toyn in an outfit similar to those she wore for the past 12 weeks, except with less sequins

she was crowned champion of this series on saturday, and she had been my hot favourite from the start (for reasons other than her dancing skills)  and while the other half has been drooling over Gavin's shirt shedding routines, i have actually been growing fonder and fonder of faux-redhead Aliona, who apparently has to have her hair dyed every week just before the saturday night show

my girlfriend actually seemed genuinely devastated during saturday's final, during which she proclaimed 'what am i going to watch next saturday night??!!'

at which point i reminded her that next saturday would be christmas day and the strictly christmas special would be on, and then everything seemed to right with the world again

(and if i keep quiet and behave myself during strictly, hopefully she won't disturb me during Doctor Who)

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