Thursday, 23 December 2010

Madonna vs ?

it is very rare that i can actually hear a music news story without sceptically presuming that it is a cleverly disguised piece of promo or plea for attention merely masquerading as 'news'

and it was with the same regard that i also held the recent story that Madonna announced via facebook that she was looking for the "maddest, sickest, most badass people to collaborate with"

my first instinct is that it is just a little fanfare to remind fans that she is still here, but then again, Madonna never really goes away does she? there hasn't been the neccesity of any hard-laboured comeback ever, Madonna is huge, she probably always will be, despite making mis-judged albums like Hard Candy with its rubbish lead single, its rubbish album cover and its eager attempt to bridge an urban market, everyone still wanted a piece of Madonna and the accompanying tour broke her own record of being the highest grossing tour by a solo artist, previouly held by her 2006 Confessions tour.

my second thought on the matter was perhaps i should try and get in on this while the going is good, obviously with my head in the clouds i began imagining that Madonna may pluck me from obscurity, loving what she had heard of my music so far and being impressed by the even more avant guard compositions that i have yet to release upon the general public (i'd have let her listen as i wanted to know what she thought of them) and i would then discuss with her the possibility of producing an ambient and dizzying album together, the type of album that would have Lady Gaga literally gouging her eyes out that Madonna was still the most forward thinking and archetypal female recording artist on the planet and that she was still some way behind...

'hey, Gaga, things have been crazy since Madonna took me on board, but maybe once i get back off the world tour we could hook something up, i've got meetings with Jay-Z in New York and Dangermouse wanted to knock afew ideas around... but i'll definetely have my people arrange something with you as soon as possible'


back to reality

my third thought was that Madonna has already made the fortunes of William Orbit, Mirwais and Stuart Price, all artists that i was already aware of before she sent them rocketing through the stratosphere and probably set them up for life, which got me wondering who she may actually collaborate with on the eventual album

i seriously can't imagine Madonna or Madonna's people fully embracing the mammoth task that such an open and public invitation would induce, anyone with a computer and a little bit of software can call themselves an artist or a producer, as i have proved, and the influx of submissions would be so overwhelming that i'm sure any real talent hoping to emerge would be drowned in a sea of mediocre or downright turgid, crap music.

most likely the new produce will already be known within the music industry, and i wouldn't be at all surprised if a cross-over dance artist such as Calvin Harris or Deadmau5 would be allowed to take the reigns on what will be Madonna's 12th studio album

now i seriosly doubt that my little blog holds any sway over the decisions that Madonna will be making, but if she is passing up on a Hunchbakk produced album, then i would suggest that perhaps she instead enlists the help of Mr Le Sac.

Dan Le Sac is possibly the producer i hold in the highest esteem, and the debut album with Scroobius Pip 'Angles' is an album i return to again and again, constantly and repeatedly fascinated and intrigued by the leftfield production and stuttering beats. And this year's follow up 'The Logic of Chance' builds on the sturdy foundations built by the first, with more forays into dance-centric synths, 8-bit squelches and 2010's obligigatory nod towards dubstep, once again thrown together in a fashion that sounds almost haphazard, yet probably took much fine tuning and crafting to achieve such loose sounding experimental brilliance.

and with Madonna's known flirtations with dance music, i think Dan Le Sac could be the perfect production foil to lead The Queen of Pop to new, groundbreaking territory if he was at the helm of her upcoming album.

in this day and age of facebook campaigns coming out of our ears as they all attempt to be the next big news-worthy, hype hungry movement to change the current status quo, i don't know if putting the idea forward into the social networking forum would be just a whisper lost among a million and one voices all shouting for attention, but then i also think that if i believe in something enough, then maybe, just maybe it would be worth giving it a go.

so my last note is a personal plea to Dan Le Sac, if i can make the difference and get your foot in the door with Miss Ciccone, perhaps you could show your gratitude by hooking a brother up, the chance of a cheeky remix here or a handclap on the album there that i shall be able to claim royalties for, anything would be appreciated, maybe i could be an overpaid tea boy (as i do make a good cuppa if i do say so myself) or even just being the person that applies talcum powder to female dancers between costume changes on tour....

remember that i put you where you are (erm, where i hope to put you) so you know where to find me


stream Sick Tonight by Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip

available on the album The Logic of Chance

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