Sunday, 26 December 2010

delayed by snow? stuck in the post?

i try to be creative

i also try to be giving

and at no other time is this more appropriate than at christmas.

i have already displayed my dismay at not being able to get an actual 'christmas single' ready for the past couple of years, but by way of consolation, and arriving just a day late is the newest track i have created, inspired by this year's Cage Against The Machine campaign

Cage Against The Machine - 4'33" (Hunchbakk's personal experience of tinnitus mix) by Hunchbakk

this is my own interpretation of John Cage's 4'33", and the main inspiration behind it was Eddy TM's involvement with the campaign to take 4'33" to Christmas number one, and how sales of the single would benefit a number of charities, including the British Tinitus Association, of which Eddy is a patron.

so instead of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence, or a 4 and a half minute soundtrack of my surroundings as some of the remixes have been, i decided that i should emphasise the tracks links to tinnitus, and try to reproduce what my tinnitus actually sounds like, to convey the discomfort and annoyance caused by my own suffering from tinnitus.

for the most accurate results, go about your daily life as usual and listen to this track at random moments throughout the day and night... at any given moment i will go from barely being able to notice my own tinnitus, to having a sudden and increased ringing in my left ear that will gradually fade over a short length of time, sometimes i am aware of a faint ringing in my ears, other times i am not, but it is most noticable when experiencing what should be silence


other remixes of 4'33" are also available to listen to on the Remix Against The Machine soundcloud page, and for further reading and food for thought, may i point you in the direction of Eddy TM's own musings on this years yuletide chart battle, and his annoyance at not only CATM's lowly chart placing but also a lack of support and concern from certain quarters

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