Monday, 15 February 2010


i have submitted this to be published in The Enfield Advertiser, but i thought it too important to wait for publishing

the more people that are aware of tinnitus, the better

and i only hope that my article will persuade people to start wearing hearing protection before it realy is too late

the garage. may 2004

The Futureheads, supported by The Cribs.

gig-going had become a ridulously regular part of my social life and i was here to see two bands touring in support of acclaimed debut albums released earlier that year. the venues would only get bigger from here.

it was a loud place to be, just left of the moshing and right infront of the speaker stack. i left with my ears ringing, and the next morning i woke up with my ears still ringing.

a day and a half later and the ringing finally subsided, but this was my first scare, the first time i realised that maybe i was doing damage to my hearing.

i wish that somebody had told me back then the risks of exposure to loud music.

The British Tinnitus Association recently appointed Xfm DJ Eddy Temple-Morris as an ambassador of their cause, who in turn brought together a number of peers and fellow sufferers to raise awareness with a free event held at Cargo in Shoreditch.

kicking off the night were live band, Burn The Negative, a swaggering cross between Editors and Kasabian being kicked to the curb by Primal Scream that had made the long trip down from Carlisle purely to play a short set in support of a good cause.

and when they were done, the soundclash began.

the plan. to gather more than 20 DJs and musicians to play just one tune each to create a constant two hour mix of music.

London rapper MC Chickaboo was first up, performing a song detailing her own experiences of damaged hearing, before the DJs took over.

Drum n Bass, breakbeat, house, dubstep, electronica and more made up the 2 hour long mix featuring DJs, producers and bands with tunes being dropped by Adam F, Jon Carter, Jagz Kooner, Babyshambles' Adam Ficek, Lottie, Loose Cannons, Xpress-2 and Eddy TM's own Losers among many many more.

as a tinnitus sufferer myslef it was important to me to see such a strong campaign that i can spread the word on myself.

and its also important to me to carry on going to gigs and clubs without damaging my hearing further, as i have been using ear protection of varying costs for the past six years.

my first pair of earplugs cost me £6 online and were delivered in a matter of days, just before the next gig i'd booked tickets for. My next pair of earplugs, a custom fitted pair that cost an awful lot more than my first plugs are now an essential whenever i fill my pockets before heading out.

as Eddy TM explains 'If you're on a tight budget, then you can get decent off-the-peg earplugs for less than a round of drinks, and even those yellow spongy ones are better than nothing. They're not ideal sound-wise because they tend to muffle things, but that's got to be better than getting tinnitus'


  1. important post. reminds me i need to get some new earplugs, where did you get your custom pair? how much? it's sometimes a problem i get after a long day in the studio too although earplugs are probably not the best solution to that...

  2. ha ha, just turn everything down!! easier said than done tho, just try and give your ears regular breaks tho

    check out the editor comments at the start of the page here, they're still offering up discounted custom fits

    mine weren't quite Harley Street, a handful of specsavers also have hearing departments that can do mouldings and order ear plugs - so you shouldn't have to look much further than a good high street

    set me back about £160 or so.... its a big lump but it was worh it