Monday, 8 February 2010

not too loud

if you're like me, you love music.

and if you love music you should probably love your hearing.

and if you love music and your hearing so much i hope you've been using protection!

today is the start of Tinnitus Awareness Week in the UK, and it is something i feel very strongly about, since i already suffer from tinnitus.

exposure to loud music is something that music fans will always have to deal with, but the ringing left in your ears shouldn't be.

kicking off this awareness week is a charity event at Cargo in Shoreditch tonight, curated by Eddy TM and featuring a ton of DJs and artists that have been affected by tinnitus throwing down one tune each.

so this is a brief heads up about the event and about the cause

more info can be found on:

facebook event page

and on the cargo website

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