Wednesday, 24 February 2010

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ok, so the official story is that the arts editor of the Enfield Advertiser had been away, which meant the articles i've been submitting got a little waylaid and are running a bit behind schedule.

so that the articles don't become hopelessly irrelevant i thought i'd get them posted on my blog ahead of publication, this weeks edition features my Tinnitus Awareness article, and keep an eye out for the following piece coming soon...

Rock For Change vol.4 @ The Hollybush 15.02.10

It's half past 7 and an eager queue of youngsters has amassed outside The Hollybush as local gig organisers, Rock For Change, host another successful night in town.

The campaign to get under 18s into local gigs has clearly struck a chord as both legal age drinkers and those resigned only to soft drinks mingle in the pub's backroom waiting for the bands to start.

Opening act Black Danny come from a clear lineage of brit-rock acts that owe a certain debt to Oasis, evident in the swagger and posture of their lead singer but these lads were more than just pure cliche, starting with a moody instrumental piece before moving on to tight laddish rock with heart.

Deeds Of The Dying stuck out like a sore thumb on the bill, but kicked as hard as a mule. It was quite clear that they had brought there own metal-loving following as the venue swiftly turned into mass of flailing limbs while the charged screamo band revelled in the chaos unfolding around them.

Deeds of the Dying by Laura Harvey

While the moshers went to take a bit of a breather, The Anonymous played a set heavily bolstered by cover versions, taking in Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age and 'Misirlou', aswell as offering up a small smattering of their own material before inviting up gig campaigner Mehmet Imamzade for their final track, a runthrough of Muse's 'Hysteria'.

The Anonymous by Laura Harvey

It seems to me that tonight's headliners, Kids Uncanny, are seriously running the risk of outgrowing their name, as they and their indie-rock sound have matured so much every time I have seen them.

Playing in support of their re-released EP and ahead of the unveiling of new material, they remain a thrilling band to watch and are still adding to the fanbase they have been amassing over the past few years of hard work.

Kids Uncanny by Laura Harvey

and it seems the intimate back room can't contain Rock For Change's ambition, with the next gig being their biggest yet announced at Milfield Arts Centre on 21st March, featuring Enfield's Red Monday and Double A and headlined by Brighton based, The Auteur.

credit where it's due:

all photos by Laura Harvey

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