Monday, 1 February 2010

love. you.

haven't got an awful lot of time for blogging right now since i've had a weekend of gig going, DJing and tea parties and now i've gotta knuckle down to finish my next review.

but i did notice the valentine geared adverts clogging up the telly last night trying to flog you a nice Peter Andre covers album or whatever other loverly compilations are out there, and i had decided already that this february i wanna show you guys reading some love.

no soppy ballads right here i'm afraid tho, i just thought it would be nice to re-up some of the tracks that people have shown love for (tedious, i know, but i realy am a caring sharing guy)

so now i offer to you my biggest hit to date.

my re-working of Radiohead's Nude

radiohead - nude (hunchbakk's towerblock remix)

Radiohead - Nude (Hunchbakk's Towerblock Dub remix)

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