Monday, 22 February 2010

is it any wonder?

i think i'm finally coming to terms with the fact that i am getting older, i don't like it one bit, and it has been very hard for me to deal with, and with all things considered i still don't feel like an adult

and aging is a part of my latest gripe, obviously since i am now an adult and extremely grown up i have been reading an awful lot of comics recently (obviously!), trying to catch up with events in the DC universe, and i have just finished Infinite Crisis tie-in 'The Return of Donna Troy' from back in '05

The character was created in 1965 as Wondergirl (45 years ago) and has had her own back-story changed numerous times since to keep up with an everchanging retconned universe and has had her history tied (and then untied - and then tangled?) to that of Wonder Woman, who herself suffered retcon woes at the hands of higher editorial powers

in their 1994 attempt to untangle any existing mess and lay everything in order, DC devised Zero Hour, which culminated in everything being hunky dory and even printed a definitive time-line


So Donna Troy began operating as Wondergirl 8 years ago, according to 1994s Zero Hour retconned time-line, with the Teen Titans forming a year later (which makes the years in question 1986 and 1987 respectively).

In the story i've just read (from 2005) Donna comments that she has two failed marriages and she's not even 25


so lets put this in a little perspective then, Donna Troy was created before i was born but in some crazy comics continuity (possibly like dog years i'm guessing) she has only been operating since i was 3, when she would have been a teenager and then eight years elapsed between then and the events of zero hour in 1994.

i read Zero Hour when i was 11 (by which point Donna would have been 20-ish?)

and then in a 2005 story (published 11 years after Zero Hour) she was probably 24, which means that at that time Donna Troy was a couple of years older than me.

which leaves me startlingly disturbed that i seem to be hurtling further towards my eventual demise while the characters that i have read about are now enjoying a slow aging process.

ok, anyone still with me after that bizarre little alienating rant?

it must be a comics thing.

stay tuned for some more music talk...

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