Friday, 26 February 2010

fridge freezer

i seem to be in danger of losing my girlfriend's interest in my blog due to the heavy dosage of large music articles that have sprung up over the past couple of weeks, i do try to keep the blog fairly general but i had noticed myself that my pieces for the Advertiser had started to dominate recently

and i'm guessing that she probably wasn't too thrilled with the comics related posts that went up earlier this week either (edit: she wasn't)

ok, i've got another music review that i was thinking of posting up tomorrow but for now let me try and find something slightly random to fill the gaps


how about a japanese advert for noodles featuring robocop?

stay tuned for the beach workout and the robocop dental hygene kit that may or may not have anything to do with noodles... all i know is i want one for my bathroom!

is that enough random ish to keep you happy?

why don't we try this as well?

a twilight 'manillow'

oh god, the sight of this thing actually makes me feel a little bit ill... it's horrible!

urgh, check out the other images from the listing, she really seems to be getting cosy, with not one, but two of them ?!

and it has sold out!!?

if me and the girlfriend are getting a place together i'm all for the robocop addition to the bathroom but there is no way i am having one of those creepy 'manillow' things in the 'painted french furniture with pink walls' ideal bedroom she is dreaming up

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