Sunday, 7 February 2010


hey! i thought i would be able to a carve a niche for myself as a spoken word artist! - i thought this could be the perfect solution to my love of words and my lack of musical ability

and so i am in awe and envious when Akira The Don (who is already muli-talented and good at lots of stuff) goes and drops this beautiful spoken word version of Security from his new mixtape that has been stripped back to the words alone and also complemented by a highly atmospheric and apt video

damn, i need to be doing videos - i definitely need some sort of presence on youtube, i also need to find the time and shoestring budget to make this ambition a reality

i have no hard feelings of course - i have a lot of love for anything ATD

and i would whole heartedly reccomend you take the couple of clicks it would take you to download the new mixtape, via

Akira The Don - ATD20 mixtape

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