Thursday, 11 February 2010

stop the presses

once again the powers that be at the Enfield Advertiser (you know who you are) seem to have passed on my article that i thought would be in this weeks edition, presumably appearing in next weeks instead

it was to be a review of a small local gig that was trying to make a big difference from a couple of weeks ago, now the timing of gigs and publishing deadlines and other such stuff usualy means that no matter how punctual my submitting of an article is, it will still be published about a couple of weeks after the event - but this flaw in timing would have actually been great to highlight the venture's next gig this coming monday

but thats not realy gonna happen now

so i'm thinking instead of letting it go stale i'll post the full article up tomorrow and in the meantime provide you with a couple of links

first up is the Rock For Change facebook group

and second is the facebook listing for the next gig... next monday (15th) at The Hollybush

oh... and here is a tiny flyer

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