Friday, 12 February 2010


so i was expecting this article to be published in this weeks Enfield Advertiser, i thought instead of keeping anyone waiting any longer for it i'd post up the article now so that it serves as a taster of the upcoming gig this coming monday (15th)

Rock for Change vol.3 @ The Hollybush 29.01.10

making my way through the doors into the backroom of an Enfield boozer and into a gathered throng of youngsters and music fans i kick myself as Leon Avenida introduce their last song and curse the surprisingly punctual gig .

once again the Hollybush in Lancaster Road is holding host to a boroughs reaction to dissatisfaction, campaigns to bring live music to the grass roots community have come and gone and now another generation is taking up the baton as Rock For Change sets up a new residency.

between set chat about Leon Avenida's performance and cover of Dizzee Rascal's Fix Up Look Sharp is soon hushed as the second band promptly begin.

Jonny Quits quite clearly channel the spirit of a certain Kurt Cobain and wear their grunge influences on their sleeve before The Minorities excite their loyal local following, playing a mixture of covers and original material that prompts near riotous responses from the crowd, swiftly turning to a mini-mosh pit that is soon upsetting the venues security.

The puerile humour of Blink 182 and Bloodhound Gang is writ large across the songs of Double A, and though i suspected the vulgarity would soon grate i was proved wrong as the band have great entertainment value, all delivered tongue in cheek and with most jokes made at the expense of their own bassist.

rounding off the evening were Indecisive, providing a change of pace and style and delivering a well honed performance of cover versions and a handfull of their own tracks, but still holding the interest of the crowd that surged further forward to be a part of the action, and then all too quickly it was all over, with security insisting the music curfew was strictly adhered to.

and with that it seems that the facebook campaign, Rock For Change, have settled in and have their sights set on the next event, with another four local bands playing this coming monday (15th).

facebook listing for the next gig... next monday (15th) at The Hollybush

the Rock For Change facebook group

credit where it's due:

photos by Laura Harvey

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