Saturday, 27 February 2010

Thomas Millet: 'I am the Enfield scene!!!'

music in Enfield realy seems to have had a kick up the arse recently, with the Rock For Change gigs showcasing bands, strong acts like Paris Rabone, Deeds Of The Dying and Kids Uncanny shining through, and more gigs upcoming, like the second Sel-Out @ Bar Form, 9 Blind's album launch @ The Bush Hill Park Tavern and Rock For Change's big gig at Millfield

and so we proceed, with another submitted Enfield Advertiser article and another Enfield talent...

Those Handsome Animals @ Bar Form 19.02.10

Bob Dylan sang that 'The time's they are a-changing'

Thomas Millet sang that 'i hope tonight's the night that she won't have a headache'

in just a few short years, Retro Crooks had become an Enfield mainstay, and it was usual to find me and my girlfriend drunkenly dancing by the front of the stage whenever they played their anthem of teenage yearning, 'Waiting Games'.

but like Robert Allen Zimmerman reminds us, things can't always stay the same, and Retro Crooks called it a day last December.

despite this, Thomas Millet has been hanging around the Enfield music scene like schoolkids will always hang around outside McDonalds after half three on a schoolday.

Music is an itch he needed to scratch, and helping to give him a good rub are Crooks former drummer Gary Batt and ex-Waterloos guitarist, Gavin Hankins.

together they formed Those Handsome Animals.

The obligitary myspace and facebook group has been set up, a couple of demos are online already and everything was building up towards unveiling their new material live at the new band's very first gig.

Those in attendance were treated to a short set of songs detailing the price of following trends, the collonising of mars and liasons with a lady of the night, as well as their newest new song that was barely 2 hours old, all delivered with the usual dry English humour and wit that Retro Crooks fans had come to expect.

Millet's familiar yelping singing style still stands firm, backed by an 80's esque alt-indie-pop sound that brings to mind Orange Juice and The Cure, but given a post-modern tilt when the vocal delivery leans towards that of Art Brut's Eddie Argos.

squeeling surf punk guitars ring out and the drums pound, the frenetic energy is dizzying as songs slip from a rock n roll standard into chaotic assault on the ears and the joyful pop sheen is torn asunder by ravaged guitars.

And those gathered in Bar Form have witnessed the return of Thomas Millet and the birth of Enfield's newest musical hope.

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